kultivate-kudos Shannon is bright, hard working, tenacious and a natural at PR. She understands the
importance of building strong relationships with journalists, clients and colleagues and as
such is very connected. Shannon has an excellent strategic and creative approach to building
both brands and people. She is dedicated to whatever project she is working on to ensure
that clients receive the profile they need to be successful. She has a great creative sensibility
and understands how to work with both creative and analytical minds. As well, Shannon
knows inside and out key influencers in the media and creative industry.

- Matt DiPalo, Managing Director Critical Mass

Shannon brings a brilliant sense of
flair and style to her work. She has a
keen eye for design and image and an
innate sense of what a brand should
embody. She is an accomplished
networker, who excels at bridging the
gap between people, products,
services and brands. She is polished,
strategic, well versed and at ease with
professionals from every level of an

- Lise Dellazizzo, Research and
Growth Strategy Executive

Shannon effervescently connects
marketing professionals across
industry verticals and builds the
positive profile of her organization and
its clients. I witnessed these skills
most notably at the 2012 Banff World
Media Festival where Shannon
achieved MediaCom’s objective of
establishing an identity and
top-of-mind awareness among North
America’s biggest content

- Anthony Hello,
Director Branded Content,

Shannon is a fantastic marketing
professional who excels at managing
creative and difficult projects. She has
a wealth of knowledge and experience
that is enviable and is always willing to
help and encourage people around her.
Shannon takes her responsibilities
seriously and always has a professional

- Sarah Liversidge,  Director of Marketing at Brands2Life,
London UK

Shannon is a strategic, passionate, creative marketing professional and
always strives to deliver insightful and effective brand campaigns. I have
worked with Shannon since the start of her career at JWT and seen her flourish
into a professional, insightful marketing director. Our creative teams enjoyed
working with Shannon, as she encouraged them to deliver strong ideas/work
that was always grounded in insight and integrated into media relevant
channels. Shannon is also collaborative in her style, however makes solid
decisions to drive growth in a company.

- Malcolm Roberts, President & CCO at Smith Roberts

Shannon is the consummate connector, a
node at the centre of a robust and sprawling
network. Her boundless energy, and ability to
open doors and generate opportunities never
ceases to amaze. And with a keen eye for
design, she has all the requisite skills to
develop and grow brands and businesses.

- Kevin Keane, Co-founder Brainsights