Content Marketing Fuels Meaning for Brands

“Humans have been storytelling for 100,000 around the campfire, the media is now our campfire.” – Gloria Steinman 

Every marketer knows the importance of a compelling brand story. For B2B marketing, compelling content is just as important and relevant when engaging audiences. At the end of the day, people buy from people. Storytelling is what entertains, delights, surprises, moves and makes sense of our connected world. Therefore, content strategy must be integrated into your brand experience.

With a bit of creativity injected into your brand, marketing efforts with powerful content strategies connect your brand to clients, employees and communities at large.  Below are L&Co’s top tips to consider when designing a content strategy for your brand.

 1. Audience: Think of your customer first – speak their language, not yours. Write strategies  with a specific audience in mind, not broad market. The more specific you can be in language to your audience, the more likely audiences will want to engage.

2. Narrative: If you want your brand to remain relevant and well-defined, you need to tell your story in new channels and in the language of the audience. Brands walk a fine line on courting fans and repelling them. So tell the most authentically, relevant story for your brand to inspire your audience and ultimately garner deeper connections with you customers and prospects.

3. Value: Content must be valuable to your customers. Great content should communicate your value proposition – why does your audience want to engage in this? what’s in it for them? Offer insights that they will find valuable for their business. Insights that are relevant to their brand, industry or future trends that can ignite growth opportunities.

4. Activate: Always design content to trigger your audience to a response. Ensure there is a clear call to action that is linked to the content that moves them onwards through a journey. Linking the content logically facilitates action.

5.  Amplify: Amplify your marketing resources, starting with your narrative across all media platforms (especially mobile, as it is the future).  Its important to think of the context and channel, content should be altered depending on the platform. We are visual creatures, therefore the more visual stimulating the content is, the more enhanced your connection will be. For twitter, thought provoking facts are impactful that are always conversational in tone.

As well, optimization is key. For SEO, include keywords, hashtags in your strategy that will allow your audience to find your content. As well, optimize partnership relationships with key influencers to make your content more scalable & to improve reach/impact in the marketplace.

6. Analyze: Often clients ask, how do you measure the value of content for my brand. The fact is that most content is shared with highly engaged audiences (this will alter your CPM). Just measuring traffic alone isn’t enough anymore. Measurement of engagement, volume of downloads, coversations and quality leads is the future of B2B content marketing.


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