We believe that every company, every brand and every executive has a story to tell. And really, what’s a compelling story without the right audience to share it with? Liberty & Co is a strategic communications consultancy dedicated to elevating your profile, both corporate and professional. By crafting impactful stories to amplify your brand in media, online and into conversations, we’re out to win the hearts and minds of all your reputation stakeholders – your employees, clients and the business community.Nimble and connected, at Liberty & Co. we-make-things-happen. By leveraging our global expertise and fingertip-access to the most talented resources in media, design and technology, we ensure your story reaches the right audience.

Shannon brings a brilliant sense of flair and style to her work. She has a keen eye for design and image and an innate sense of what a brand should embody. She is an accomplished networker, who excels at bridging the gap between people, products, services and brands. She is polished, strategic, well versed and at ease with professionals from every level of an organization.

- Lise Dellazizzo, Research and Growth Strategy Executive

Shannon is an extremely gifted marketer with a wealth of international experience with global agencies. Having seen what is possible in different markets, she brings a fresh approach to brand development and awareness. With a keen eye for design excellence, she can represent clients in the best possible light. Not afraid to take on any challenge, she always aims for the top platforms and opportunities for PR and new business. With a broad network of contacts and excellent reputation she gets the desired results.

- Ian Giles, Director Social Strategy at Mediacom Canada

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